This is a tutorial for Photoshop Beginners. It happens to be my first tutorial on this channel. Stay tuned for more of these videos! Subscribe to Inveate: 😀

Facebook Page Cover Photo - AkshayDevArt

So, as I told you in my last post, I think Akshay was probably satisfied with my work, because he asked me to make a cover photo for him. He liked it and accepted it. Click the photo to check the cover photo out a bit closer. Anyways, the important thing is that both him and I like it!

Facebook Page Logo - AkshayDevArt

So, I kept on experimenting with Photoshop, and started taking up challenges. It turns out that someone liked my work, and happened to have created a Facebook page that had no profile picture at the time. This person was my classmate, Akshay. He is very talented at art, click the picture to check him out on Facebook! ANYWAYS, he came to me for a logo for this page, and I’m guessing he’s satisfied.

WordFinder Pro App Icon

This is an application icon I created back in the day for the same guy, Experimentality, who happens to be my brother 😀 Anyways, I created it using Pages, the Microsoft Word for Mac. Impressive huh? Yeah, I like it too.

SudokuSolver - Pro App Icon

This is an application icon I made back in the day….*sigh* Anyways, it’s for, as you can tell by the name, an application called SudokuSolver – Pro. App created by Experimentality. Sorry if you cannot see it well.


Inveate logo until now.

Inveate logo until now.

Hello Everyone! My name is KRISH and I made a GFX company(?) called Inveate. Our Motto(ish) is: Invent. Create. Innovate. I came up with the name Inveate just a few days back and it represents my love of innovation, invention and originality. Originality comes in with the name, which is unique yet quite interesting, I would think. I do desktop backgrounds, youtube backgrounds and twitter backgrounds so far! That’s all my friends have been coming to me for. You can contact me at OR PM me on YouTube at: ………Stay tuned for some pretty cool designs!